The Institute of Agricultural and Food Science research fields and topics:

  1. The growing, quality, storage and processing of fruits’, berries’ and vegetables’;
  2. Organic vegetable raw materials, products and their quality;
  3. The modelling of flowers’ decorativeness;
  4. The assessment studies of field and meadow plant growth, yield formation, selection material and creation of varieties and their genetic potential;
  5. The use of growth regulators for increasing of field crop productivity and quality improving;
  6. The nutritional optimization and analysis of genetic resources in animal husbandry.


Room: 424
Phone: +370 37 75 23 36
Email: zummi@asu.lt
Email: elvyra.jariene@asu.lt

Head of institute – Prof. Dr. Elvyra Jarienė


Faculty of Agronomy

  • Studentų street 11, Central building 303 cabinet, Akademija
  • Phone (8-37) 75 22 93
  • Email: af@asu.lt

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