Laboratory of Raw Materials for Food Zootechnical and Agronomical Analyses


The Laboratory of Food Raw Materials, Zootechnical and Agronomical Analyses is a research and educational laboratory, which determines and assesses the quality of raw materials and production of plant origin, performs soil agrochemical analyses, assesses the quality of feed and animal production. The laboratory is dedicated to the teaching of bachelor’s degree students in the Faculty of Agronomy as well as for preparation of scientific and final works for graduate, master’s degree and doctoral students.

Fields of activity:

  • evaluation of plants raw and produce quality
  • investigation of soil, animals produce quality and composition


Head of laboratory: Gražina Žemaitienė
Address: Studentų g. 9, LT-53361 Akademija, Kauno r.
Phone: +370 37 752359

Faculty of Agronomy

  • Studentų street 11, Central building 303 cabinet, Akademija
  • Phone (8-37) 75 22 93
  • Email:

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